22 Feb 2017

Forget Luck - Live By Intent

Forget Luck - Live By Intent

- By Sadhguru
A few things may happen by chance. 

But if you wait for the chance, good things 

will happen to you only when you are in 

your grave because things may take their time. 

Even quantum theory says that if you try, 

you can actually walk through a wall once 

in a “zillion” times because 

there is a pulsation of particles happening 

and you may walk through. 

It is just that before you reach that 

one zillionth time, 

you’ll have a cracked skull. 

When you live by chance, 

you also live in fear and anxiety. 

When you live by intent and capability, 

it does not matter 

what is happening or not happening, 

at least you are in control of 

what is happening to you. 

It is a more stable life.

- By Sadhguru

Courtesy : isha.sadhguru.org

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